Garv first Flight Travel Alone with Me ✈️✈️ (When he was 8 months )

When Garv was 8 months old I got very Confident that I can travel alone with him and I got Tickets done of Only Me and Garv .

But who knew that when Garv will be 8 months old he will be more Naughty and will start understanding more things .

Things to keep in mind while travelling alone with Baby –

?Make your Baby wear comfortable Clothing so that he don’t get cranky due to that ( I always prefer Leggings than Jeans – As legging materials is always Soft ) .

?I had took his Favourite Toys and I made A Mala gathering All of them and hanged it on My  neck . As even if baby throws it . It will be With me only .


?I took Lots of Finger Snacks as Garv gets bored of one soon- I took Fox nuts , Roasted Chura,Roasted Muri, Some Small pieces of boiled Potato , And Best was the @mimmoorganics teething sticks .


?I carried him in the Baby Carrier and carried his diaper Bag . Carried his 2 pair of Clothes ,Socks ,bibs , Even I carried his 2 water bottle because sometime he drops they bottle and whole water just get Spilled so for precaution I Took 2 of them .


?I took ready to Eat food so it was easy for me to prepare the food and feed him . .

?I had my 3 hours stay in Hyderabad as I had connecting flight from there so I went to the Lounge and Asked them to Maked Khichdi for him , they were very helpful they made Sabutdana Kheer also for him . Both of us Relished it .


?I kept on roaming with him all over the Airport so he kept on Enjoying . Took him to games Shop and he really enjoyed it . .

Little Munchkin Sleeping in his Mothercare carrier

✈️ In first flight he slept for the whole time and woke up while landing AND In second Flight he was Awake for the whole time and slept while Landing ✈️


Around 10 hours Alone with my baby it was a Fun and A learning Experience . I loved it .


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