Combing is Easy now

Combing and Detangling GarV Hair is task .


He has long hairs Because his head is not been shaved yet (Family Rituals )


So Shampooing and then detangling , combing was A Task till I got my Saviour @mamaearth.in Detangle Hair Spray . ??

It helps in easy detangling & combing my little one’s delicate hair. And Even I have used this spray to reduce my tangles . ??

It reduces frizz & tangles, and keep hair moisturised & smooth. ??

Say goodbye to tearful babies who don’t want to get there hair comb, and say hello to smiles & beautiful hair. .



Mamaearth’s Detangle Hair Spray For Kids Is: ??Dermatologically Tested

??PH Balanced

??Certified Toxin-Free


. ????Made From Natural ingredients ☘️☘️

Beetroot Extract


Aloe Vera

Directions for Use

#1 Spray generously on towel-dried or dry hair.

#2 Proceed to comb as desired for soft, tangle-free hair. .



If you’re struggling every morning to comb your kiddo’s hair . This is it as it has So many Benefits . .

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