Ayurvedic Badam Oil and Kesar

This Pandemic 2020 , has really made us To spent on some Ayurvedic products

I looked for Pure Kesar and Pure Almond oil for my family and I found that Brand Upakarma has some really nice and Natural products

Upakarma ayurvedic this Is the leading Ayurvedic company in India .we all have started Buying local and Indian products And I picked up sweet Almond oil and Kesar from this brand .

Badam Rogan Oil is extracted by cold press method exclusively from edible almonds.Each bottle contains 100 ML of Sweet Almond Oil extracted from 100% pure almonds. A multi-purpose oil can be used for the body as a massage oil that melts away the stress and refreshes the body.
We can use it as a nose dropper , for massing kids or babies , applying on hair etc .

it’s the must buy pic from there website .</p>


This is pure Kashmiri Kesar
It treats  dull skin and reduces dark circles and also Nourishes the skin, Increases vigor and vitality

Take 2-3 threads of kashmiri Kesar;;

Dip saffron threads in 20 ml of lukewarm water of milk for at least 15-20 minutes,

Use this mixture for seasoning the dish or milk,

Serving kashmiri Kesar 2 times in a day

Both of these Products from https://upakarma.com/product/kesar-1g/ are a must in your home .

This brand totally believes in “Balance your Life”we all should take care of ourselves and also of our family .

All the products from the brand are totally natural and toxin free .

The products are free from SLS , Parabens and any other harmful chemicals .

The products are not tested on animals and Are ISO certified

Any questions regarding the product. Let me know


Nikky ❣️

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