All about Pregnancy Shoot

I was very excited about my pregnancy shoot . I got it done when my 8th month started and It was our 4th anniversary.

We got all props made , and had a fun shoot as I don’t wanted to get exhausted. I wanted to be simple yet full of fun .


We wanted it to be simple !!! We changed only 3 clothes and We had lots of fun with props and Tried different poses etc .

We didn’t wanted to make it hectic or stressful . We should always enjoy these small small moments . We did this shoot for fun so we didn’t hired any professional maternity photographer. He was a normal marriage Photograher we told him to click and He was just clicking .

We tried playing with props and different locations (cafe , garden area , play area) all in one big restaurant only . 


Fun shoot

Be happy

Increase bonding

We also made sure to add little bit of ice cream touch as I really craved for Icecream when I was pregnant. 

You just need not little prepared before shoot like 

  • Get some good props made
  • Get Some Good gown . As earlier one will not fit you . I bought these two gowns and I also wore my hubby Tee .
  • Don’t get too loud hair style as it may hurt you I’d shoot continued for longer duration
  • Carry some baby clothes to and get clicked with it 
  • Try getting Fun pictures clicked , so that you can laugh or smile when you see them later 
  • Get some printouts so that you can pose with them 

So guys , I had a fun shoot . These were some pointers I kept in mind !!! Hope it’s helpful 

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