Short Notes on A Short Trip

As Garv have started Solids this was my first short trip with Him . And I realized that so Many mistakes I made and I learnt it for future .
^We Went to Puri Which Is just 1.5 hours Car drive early morning from My place . Garv was Super fine in Car. I carried toys and Rattles for him and he slept Most of the time in car so journey was super Easy .
^ When we reached Baby Garv was super Excited, he enjoyed his first meal there breakfast . I prepared Wheat and Moong Dal mix from @hungrybumskolkata and he enjoyed . .
Then we ordered Khichdi For him in Lunch and till then All was fine .
But evening snacks and Dinner was very tough for me . He didn’t wanted to have anything .I tried Suji, Milk and Biscuits ,Apple Puree etc .But all was failed . He wanted to relish our food, What we were having ?.
—He didn’t wanted to stay in room for a Longer duration ,He just wanted to go in Lift , Near the pool area ,to the beach etc . He wanted us to make him Roam . .
And most importantly he wanted Me and My hubster to be together with him all the time ” Like if my husband is Taking him out then Garv used to look towards me and cry and wanted me to accompany them . He wanted that both of us should be there with him all the time (might be Some insecurity reason ) “.
Saw to many Changes in him in this Trip !!! It was really little tough with the baby when he just started his Solids but I throughly enjoyed it and Cherished these small moments wth him. Though We have to take full care of Hygiene,No Salt ,No sugar ,No preservatives . I carried Puffed Rice and Chura with me which Really helped me when I was out with him.

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