Removing Tan

In summers , we all suffer from Tan In our skin .

Suffering From Skin Tan In Summers is normal .

I have a Solution ;- Recently , I came across
@mamaearth.in Ubtan Face Scrub and It is amazing .

I tried it first by using it on my one hand and scrubbing it for few minutes and then I rinse with water .

I could see that there was a huge difference in both my hands . One was brighter and other was dull .

I really loved this scrub , it has turmeric which helps to remove the tan .

It haldi has Walnuts , Saffron and Coconut oil .

I felt Soft and had a refreshing Glow on my face after using this scrub
Also I could see that a bit of Tan was removed from my Face .

Definitely recommend this Scrub by @mamaearth.in .



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