Eco- Friendly Packaging

Being eco-friendly goes far beyond turning off those lights while leaving your room or separating garbage for recycling; In fact, it’s more about changing the purpose of how we live. Even a small step towards this direction will leave a significant impact on this planet and our future. Just as a lot of things are becoming eco-friendly these days, the idea of packing gifts for several occasions and festivities is also seeing a transformation from the earlier ‘affluent’ packing to the simple yet classic nature-friendly ones.

So, try something different and follow the suggestions we have listed out for eco-friendly wrapping to add a ‘natural’ touch to your gift packing skills!

1-Cloth or Fabric

It’s a super awesome idea to wrap gifts with a cloth which can be re-used later. All you need to do is to look around your house for pillow cases, sheets, table-cloths, old drapes, T-shirts or even socks that are the right size for your gift.Not just a cloth, but any kind of printed fabric will make the gift wrap look great.

2- Brown Paper

There’s no doubt that brown paper bags are super versatile. Take a brown paper and print patterns on it with stamps, paint, or stickers, and then tie it with yarn, or ribbon for making it look classier. Even a little bow, picture, or hand-written message on a brown box will add a personal touch to the wrapping, making it look elegant while bringing you loads of appreciation for your smart work!

3- Newspaper or Tissue Paper

Newspapers are one of the best, convenient and cost-effective ways of gift wrapping. We all have dozens of newspapers at home lying unattended which can get easily utilised to pack a gift. Make it look vibrant by simply adding a ribbon, picture printout or even a sticker. Tissues can also be used in the same way.

4- Bottles and Tins

These two are also great for packing edible gifts such as chocolates, cookies and so on. Just add a ribbon on it, write something or stick some decorative elements to make the wrapping look stylish.

5- Food Containers

Bring to use those neglected small baby-food containers, deck it up and gift jewellery in it the next time you want to give something to your loved one!

6- Calendars or Marriage Cards

Just like the newspapers, we also have a lot of old calendars and marriage cards stocked in the shelves of our houses. Well, no more will those shiny calendars and creative marriage cards get wasted! Cut it properly and either create a bag out of it for placing the gift inside or use it as a wrapping paper by tying some matching ribbons on it.

While these are some excellent eco-friendly gift-wrapping ideas, here are certain important things that you need to keep beside you while decorating gift wraps:

– Crayons and colour pencils

– Small ornaments

– Little pieces of artwork

– A pair of scissors

– Fevicol and (coloured) tape

– Also remember to take out the artwork from magazines, marriage cards, old show-pieces,and dried flowers. Stock these in a separate box.

We are sure you might have got tempted by now to do some DIY gift wrapping with the tips provided, while also pledging to save our environment at the same time. Let us know in the comment box below if you have any other ‘green’ decorative ideas

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